Quality Standards

Quality Assurance

GIC develops precision components to meet customer needs for quality and cost efficiency. Our dedication to quality processes and audits ensures that our customers can rely on our product, no matter where in the world it is needed. We always strive for excellence and ensure that excellence is inherent in every component of the process and believe it plays a key role in the company’s ability to achieve its goals.

Our Strengths
  • Diameter can be maintain within 5 microns
  • Capable to work at 0ppm level.
  • DOL suppliers with most of the customers.

Quality check process is periodically reviewed and required steps are taken in order to meet the ever changing customer expectations and the quality standard set for the products.

Quality Objectives
  1. Detailed implementation of quality check is done at every step from raw materials used in manufacturing, the actual assembling or the inspection process used.
  2. Incoming raw material is checked for physical and chemical properties before it is accepted.
  3. Strict quality checks are carried out at different stages of manufacturing and only that material which passes stringent norms finds its way into the market. Expertise is there to conduct the checks and reviews by statistical measuring techniques like SPC, SQC etc. Internal defects are identified and eliminated by using tools like 8D, 5WH, fishbone diagram etc…
  4. Consistent quality checks are done to identify errors and correctness of the product and control the quality of the inventory. Each and every lot thus passed can be traced back to the lot of raw material from which it is manufactured.
  5. Quality checks and Equipment Calibrations and maintenance is done at regular intervals. In fact to meet accuracy specifications, precise calibration is done for the measuring instruments in house in our Standards room.
  6. Each lot is accompanied by the raw material Test Report and the Pre Dispatch Inspection Report.
  7. The checking step also includes regular customer feedback. Customer audits and control to determine whether customer needs are exceeded, or are they just met, or they are not.

Inspection Facilities

  • Outside Micrometer (Up to 50mm)
  • Inside Micrometer (in mm)
  • Depth Micrometer
  • Gear Tooth Micrometer
  • Screw Thread Micrometer
  • Point Micrometer
  • Disk Micrometer
  • Depth Micrometer
  • Blade Micrometer
  • Groove Micrometer
  • Vernier Calliper (in inch as well as mm.)
  • Vernier Height Gauge
  • Thread Plug Gauge And Ring Gauges
  • Pin Gauge And Ring Gauges


  • Dial Gauges
  • Snap Gauges
  • Thickness, Radius & Pitch Gauges
  • Champher Gauge – Diatest
  • Bore Gauge
  • Dial Indicators
  • Profile Projector – 10x to 50x
  • Hardness Tester
  • Tensile Tester
  • 2 Cordinate VMM 180x – Make Foic
  • Auto Focus VMM With Probe – Make Micro VU
  • Slip Gauge Set For Calibration
  • Major Pin Set 0.50 to 3.00 mm (10 Difference)
  • Surface Plate
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